Your pocket

Wash to Go is the first fizzing tablet to wash your clothes anywhere, anytime. Easy, handy, and it fits in your pocket.

How does it works?

All you need is a sink or a plastic bag. Do not use a washing machine.

1 medium size or 2 small pieces of clothing on 1 liter of water.

Put 1 WTG tablet and soak the clothes for 15 minutes.

Remove, wring, hang. No need to rinse.


Wash to Go Original

Suitable for all types of clothes.

Wash to Go Delicate

Suitable for underwear and delicate fabric.

Wash to Go Sport

Suitable for sports and synthetic clothes.

Wash to Go Baby

Suitable for your delicate baby clothes.

Wash to Go Army

Suitable for an effortless estensive washing.

Save water, time and money on your adventures.

1 liter of water


1 WTG tablet


4 small pieces


2 medium pieces

When may i use Wash to Go?






Change the clothes in the shower for your own convenience. After exercising, use a plastic bag with 1 litre of water and a Wash to Go sport tablet and that is it. As quick as sportsman's life should be.

That emergency laundry in the hotel bathroom will be as easy and as convenient than ever. Just fill the bathroom sink with 1 litre of water and a Wash to Go tablet and you are done! Simpler, faster and cheaper than asking for room service.

Are you going to travel the world with a backpack? Then take Wash to Go with you. One tube washes up to 48 pieces of clothing during your trip. Great for short and long trips. Any stop is the ideal time to get your laundry clean quickly and without hard work, as Wash to Go does not require the clothes to be rinsed.

Get rid of the sand and dirt of your swimwear easily. Wash to Go does not require clothes to be rinsed, it removes dirt and salt residue from sea water.

Spend time outdoors without difficulty. Wash to Go is a must have when you and your friends go camping. You simply need to carry a plastic bag or a wash bag, add a quarter of water and a Wash to Go tablet and you're done! One tube washes up to 48 clothes and you can divide your washes according to your trip using one tablet for every 2 standard piece of clothing or 4 small ones like socks and underwear.